What Baby Are You?

What baby are you ? is today post headline ... hahaha..actually today topics is not related to that things , i just received several cutes babies pictures than can move ,saved in GIF format . Very funny , if you want you can save it to your computer , i don't mind , but i'll be glad if you link my blog in return. Actually every pictures above represent every months in one year (from january to december) , but since i forgot the details and the description , so i decided to post only the pictures.. hehehe.. sorry. I love the pictures below , it can move , wondering how to make that ? i used to try it , with one of the sofware it have , but couldn't make as good as pictures below. Ok , see on next time posting , and keep visiting my blog. if you want to exchange link with me , just leave a message on my c-box and kindly link me first , after that as soon as possible i'll link you back.

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