World's Best Advertising Award 2008

Back again to my site , after a long time not posting anything , now i have a chance to post again , today i'm gonna share you about advertising awards , maybe i haven't teold you that i graduate from my college majoring in marketing , and advertising is part of marketing , advertising is very attractive. I tell you guys , i love the advertising below , and they deserved the awards , very creative , very fresh and original. Advertising is one of many ways to attract customer and get their attention to our product , that why many producer advertise their product extensively , good advertising should be last remembered that the ugly one. back to the pictures below , based in the artistix side m i choose the Levis one , so simple but so elegan , but if i looked from the creative idea , i think the pesticide and the burger king's advertising is quite attractive and fresh. You know hah , the man on yellow with its umbrella , yes you right ! it is Ronald Mcxxxxd , hahah... This is a common practice in Europe , which producers can easily compare their products directly to their competitor , in our country which is Indonesia we coulnd't do that , it was unethical in my country. So which advertising is your favourite ?

Bread is Life

Burger King






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