Only in Our Country

Hey , back again with antique pictures from all over the world. The event in these pictures can only happen in several countries.. very unique and doesn't make sense if we apply it in our world. Yup gambar - gambar ini adalah gambar beneran , tanpa rekayasa oh... gila tuh di China kolam renang kaya pasar pagi , rame amet.. huehuhe.. So guys and girls, just enjoy the pictures, and i don't forget tp say thanks to my friends for sending me all the junk mail.. hahaha... amazing mail. So enjoy it ! Kalo mau gedein gambarnya , tinggal klik di gamabarnya ! If you want to take / copy these pictures , just take it , it's okay , but please link my blog in return.

1. Only in China

Only in Our Country

2. Only in Hawaii

Only in Our Country

3. Only in India

Only in Our Country

4. Only in Texas

Only in Our Country

5. Only in Thailand

Ini yang mandi ulernya ato anaknya ?? nyokapnya siluman uler kali ya??

Only in Our Country

6. Only in America

Kok tempat fitness pake escalator ??? aneh banget , apanya yang olahraga kalo gitu ?? jangan - jangan didalamnya semua automatic , kita tinggal tiduran doank , terus badan langsung jadi dengan sendirinya.. hahahaha... mau donk !

Only in Our Country

So enough for this time , don't forget to keep visiting my blog .. and please leave a message if you interested in link exchange . And for my friend in the office , thanks for these pictures bro !! keep sending !!! Becuase if you don't , i will not have any pictures to be posted anymore .. hahaha..


yeyen05 said...

hahaha...great post!

Pekanbaru! Riau said...

How do you get that great info??..

it's crazy exciting!

sendzki said...

funny ..but the one in india is very disgusting! but very friendly to pests as well haha.

Adi said...

Hehe, lucu-lucu gambarnya..
Tapi yang dari Indonesia mana???