The Real Batman

I guess you wouldn't believe it! There is a real Batman in this world, non only Batman who exist in the comic book, but the real Batman has been found in Singapore, not Gotham city , please take a look. It's real!! I'm luck enough to post this content that consist of a conversation between Batman and Singaporean police.

This story is a about a guy who goes to a police station to make a report and here is the starting of the story

Man: " Hi sir, I would like to complain about one of your police officer, who have assaulted me at the cafe."
Sergeant: " Can I have your name pls?"

Man: "Batman"
Sergeant: "Batman?"

Man: "Yes, Batman."
Sergeant: "You trying to be funny is it?"

Man: "No."
Sergeant: "Than what is your father's name?"

Man: "Suparman"
Sergeant: "Hey,you trying to be funny is it?"

Man: "No."
Sergeant: "You are telling me that you are BATMAN, the son of SUPERMAN

Man: "Yes"
Sergeant: "You really too much you know, I can charge you for this offence for lying your name to an officer. Show me your ID card."

For you who doesn't know , the word "bin" in Islam is same as "the son of" . The Real Batman has been found in Singapore.. what next???