Indonesian Best Five Food Cuisines (Makanan Kaki Lima)

Warung Soto Pak Gendut

Last week, we tried Soto Ceker at Sabang street . Sabang is well known for its hawker food vendors, and one of them is Warung Soto Pak Gendut , which was packed with customers during dinner time. Besides soto ceker, they sell various kinds of East Java soto such as : soto ayam, soto ranjau ceker, soto kikil, soto madura and soto babat. but soto ceker looks to be the favourite menu there. Overall, the meal was delicious, the soup was very rich and tasty and the chicken feet were quite plump that we felt very full from just having a bowl of soto ceker with rice. However, considering the richness of the soup, I'm not really sure how much MSG they put in it.

Warung Soto Pak Gendut
Masakan Khas Jawa Timur
Jl. Sabang (across American Grill)
ph. +62 (856) 126 0492

Bakmi Bangka 39
Craved for "Mie lebar ala Bangka ", Last Friday I decided to walk to my favorite "Bakmi Bangka" located at the back of Wisma GKBI . Usually this place was so crowded at lunch time we have to wait to get a seat, but today we can managed to find a seat quite easily. so I ordered : " Mie Lebar Pangsit " 7K and a bottle of fresh tea. Besides Mie Lebar , they also served : mie/kwetiaw/ bihun ayam with pangsit or baso or both (price range from 7K- 9K), tahu kok, pangsit kuah, baso kuah @7K. The noodle came with a separate bowl of soup filled with chicken wonton. The noodle was topped with green vegetable, bean sprout plus a generous portion of minced chicken meat. And I was glad to find that it was still as delicious as I remember :)

Bakmi Bangka 39
Jl. Bendungan Walahar No.16
Sunday - Friday 07:00AM - 03:00PM
for delivery call : 0815 8608-8839 (min order : 3 box)

Kui Sen
This is my favorite place for "sop kambing" (SC took me here on our 1st D), located on Hayam Wuruk street (near Mercure Hotel). they served only two type of meal : oxtail soup & mutton soup. 1 portion of the mutton soup cost us about 28K + steamed rice 4K, but I think it worth every penny. It is a Chinese style of Mutton clear soup with vegetables without any traces of "prengus" smell. According to me it is simply warm & delicious 'honest food' (SC prefer the one at nasgor kebon sirih).

Jl. Hayam Wuruk (near Mercure Hotel)
ph. 7018 8586 / 0815 808 8835

Nasi Uduk Bang Udin
This place located next to the famous "Bubur Ayam Bang Tatang" and also always full of guest at dinner time, so one day we decided to try it. This place served quite authentic Betawi cuisine, like the one Bang Udin offer : nasi uduk in Betawi style, complete with Semur Jengkol , empal gepuk, semur telur, etc. and topped with melinjo crackers. In my oppinion, the meal was simply delicious, even the" semur jengkol" was not bad, we even asked for another plate of nasi uduk :)

Nasi Uduk Bang Udin
Rawa - Belong
Jl. Palmerah Barat Rawa Belong II A Rt. 002/015 No.12
West Jakarta

ph. +62(21) 5303382 (home)
hp. 081 310 218824

Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih
Last week we tried the famous "nasi goreng kebon sirih" located at kebon sirih road, besides nasi goreng kambing, they also served : sop kambing, sate ayam/kambing etc. Their speciality is in their fried rice : cooked in a very large pan using samin oil and if i'm not mistaken : some indian curry & spices. the mutton was cooked separately then added to the pan. served with fried shallot and melinjo crackers, you can also asked for a plate of acar if you want. The dish cost us about 16K for 1 plate of nasi goreng kambing & 10K for sop kambing. While I think this nasi goreng is delicious but a bit pricey & overated :P SC love their "Sop Kambing" which taste & smell so "kambing" to him :)

Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih
Jl Kebon Sirih Raya (after pertigaan jalan sabang & kebon sirih)
Central Jakarta
Opening Hour : 05:00PM

Bubur Ayam Bang Tatang
Last week SC was craving for "bubur ayam ala abang-abang", so I took him to one of my favorite "bubur ayam kaki lima " called "bubur ayam bang tatang". This is a very famous Indonesian style chicken porridge, opened every afternoon, the place it self was not very representative but it always full of customer gathered around Bang Tatang waiting for him to serve the meal (he can make more than 10 bowl of porridge in one batch). The specialty of this porridge is in its topping, it was full of a very generous chicken slices, I think the chicken is much more that the porridge :)

Bubur Ayam Bang Tatang
Jl. Palmerah Barat - West Jakarta ,
near pertigaan Rawa Belong & Kebayoran Lama

Sate Afrika
I've been longing to visit this place since last year but never had a chance till now. Located in the area between "Indonesia Power" building & "Museum Tekstil", this place served Malinese Cuisine known better as "Sate Afrika". We arrived around 11PM and ordered 2 portion of lamb meat & 1 portion of "jerohan" and "pisang goreng tanduk". We watched them prepared the meat : grilled, and then cut into pieces, put into a pan and mixed with spices & cooked again until the meat is soft and tender. served in an aluminium plate topped with sliced onion, Overall the meat was delicious, not oily at all, not smelly (ngga bau prengus), make a perfect combination with the fried banana and their special chili sauce (a combination of sambal lampung, mustard and sweet soya sauce), but a bit too tasty :)

Kedai Sate Afrika
Jl. KS Tubun I No. 6,
Ph. 0817855881

Nasi Kapau Uni Upik

While still at 'cafe pisa ', I mentioned that I want to visit Kramat Raya to try the famous 'nasi kapau', I said "Don't you galls want to buy something for sahur tomorrow?", they seem interested with the idea of having 'Lemang' for sahur. so we headed to Senen, it was located at the hook of Kramat Raya Street, there were several food stalls opened in the evening until dawn (I guess) serving Nasi Kapau (almost similar to nasi padang, but it came from a small village called Kapau in west sumatra with have slightly different styles of cooking, their specialty here were bebek cabe ijo & rendang bebek hitam ). when we arrived the place was very crowded with diners, we choose the most crowded one (Nasi Kapau Uni Upik), when my friends buying Lemang & other meal for sahur preparation, I start drooling again when I saw the selection of food there and can't help my self to order one portion of Nasi Kapau with "bebek sambal lado ijo" 18K, it was delicious especially when you eat eat using your hand :)

Selendang Mayang

" Es Cendol & Selendang Mayang Street Vendor"
The seller of " Selendang Mayang " (Betawi's authentic dessert which already hard to found in Jakarta ) located at Gang Kali Mati - Pancoran ( West Jakarta )
For order call: (021) 54392735 or (0813) 46151337 (co Salim)

Bakmi Garing
2 weeks ago, on our way back from kelapa gading, we feel hungry again :P, so we stopped by a "kaki lima " place called "bakmi garing 21". its almost midnight when we arrived, but the place was still crowded. so we ordered their pork noodle (around 9K if I'm not mistaken). the noodle tasted so delicious, much better than "bakmi kepiting owkie" that i had at sunter in the afternoon. :)

Bakmi Garing 21
sedia : bakmi/kwetiau/ bihun rebus, baso sapi/ikan/babi, nasi tim ayam, pangsit goreng/rebus, baso goreng, dll

Jl. Pangeran Tubagus Angke
(Jembatan 2)
West Jakarta 11330
ph. 0815 1619379

Bakmi Kumango
After we read from Ice's comment here that there's one "Bakmi Kumango" opened in Jakarta, me and SC start on a search to greenville, the first time we went on the afternoon and couldn't found it, later we found out that the place was close at night. So we came again on weekend for lunch and this time we found it. So we ordered 2 portion of " Bakmi Kumago ". it was OK, but I think it tasted not quite the same with the one I had in Medan .

Bakmi Kumango asli Medan
Jl Mangga Raya Blok Y no 18
(ada di sebrang IN Style Salon and spa)
West Jakarta

Ayam Bakar Taliwang
Last week we found this small & delicious 'kaki lima ' cafe near "RM. Nasi Gandul" Pesanggrahan that served : " Ayam Bakar Taliwang " (Lombok/Sumbawa authentic cuisine) . So we (I) had dinner there and ordered : "ayam bakar taliwang" (grilled wild young chicken with Lombok 's style chilli sauce) with a portion of "pelecing kangkung" (Cooked fresh water spinach (kangkung), mixed with a sauce made with chilli, fish paste/terasi, tomato salt and lime). both are very hot and spicy. So if you can't stand spicy food better not risk yourself to try it :) Besides "pelecing kangkung" and "ayam taliwang" they also served "beberok terong" (cooked eggplant with fresh chopped onion and chili sauce).

Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya (seberang HERO)
Meruya, Kebon Jeruk
ph. 08176760586

Warung Solo
I've been visited this place 2 weeks in a row, its a "kaki lima " place located near "RM Nasi Gandul" Pesanggrahan, opened every afternoon. served mostly Solo/ Javanese food such as : "Gudeng", " Nasi Liwet ", " Garang Asem ", " Soto Ayam ", etc. I already try their " Nasi Liwet ", " Garang Asem " and " Soto Ayam ". all of it were so delicious and came with a very reasonable price too :)

Ayam Goreng Single Borobudur
This place was very recommended by SC, he took me there last weekend for dinner :) its located on "Kaki Lima" not far from Sunter Mall, there's lots of interesting food stall there. I notice that most of it were from Pontianak food. Ayam Goreng Single Borobudur offer their delicious and crispy fried chicken, plus other gorengan like : tempe goreng, tempe bacem, tahu goreng, usus goreng (one of their speciality) served with a plate of kremesan ayam, nasi uduk plus a very hot sambal terasi.

Ayam Goreng / Bakar
Single Borobudur (SB)
Cabang Pademangan
Jl. Sunter Agung Utara Blok F.20 No.12

ph. (021) 682873
hp. (0816) 1673573

Bebek Goreng Joko Putro
I always love to have duck for my meal as an alternative for chicken. Among my favorite there were "bihun bebek binjai" - pasar muara karang , peking duck - the duck king, Bebek Goreng Suryo. A couple of week ago with some friends I tried this one, located in kakilima, the banner outside said : "Joko Putro : Nasi Uduk, Bebek Goreng, Ayam Goreng, Pecel Ayam/Lele ..." so we ordered "Bebek Goreng" with a plate of "Nasi uduk". the service was quite fast & clean. the taste not bad, the meal came with lalapan & sambal terasi dadakan. Compared to other "bebek Goreng" from its class, but I think I like " Begor Suryo " better than this one.

Joko Putro
jl Petogogan Blok A
South Jakarta
Yesterday afternoon, my friend tell me that there's a popular pempek palembang near our office, so we marched down there and walked through jl. prof dr satrio and I found my self sitting at Pempek @Bing. I ordered " Kapal Selam " ( palembang fish cake with egg inside, served with sour & spicy soup : 9k) the place was very full, and the pempek itself was not disappointed. . the soup tasted just right... not very sour & not very spicy. and the pempek was delicious... with a very reasonable price too hehehe... i definitely will be back.

Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio No 275,

ph : 9104914, 08161630186, 08557826579

Last week I had a short trip with my Mom to Malaysia . Our first stop was at Penang Island where we order a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur . While in Penang we visited Gurney Plaza and had lunch there. My Mom ordered a "Yong Tofu" with TomYam Soup while I wandered around the food stall, at first I want to try the duck rice but it is out of order, so I ordered Plum Chicken Rice. The tasted was not very special, I can't wait to goto Gurney drive at night where they had much much more food selection. :)

That afternoon we went to Gurney Drive for dinner... there is alot of food selection there for us to choose :) That night we ordered Laksa and Ais Kacang. After that I tried some Lok Lok mmmmm ... yummy and bought some Sweet corn for our trip tonight

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